Peel Career Assessment Services

Peel Career Assessment Services
Mississauga, Ontario

Psycho-Vocational Evaluations

PCAS Inc. provides help to individuals to identify vocational alternatives that are consistent with their aptitudes, interests, skills and physical capabilities.


  • Assistance in determining realistic career goals that suit skills, interests, labour market conditions and physical capabilities

  • A flexible testing format, which can be adapted on an individual basis

  • Self-paced testing that does not limit performance time, which allows persons who have special needs to complete the assessment in a comfortable manner within one to three days

  • The Psycho-Vocational Evaluation includes psychological intelligence testing to provide a client with a better understanding of his/her cognitive level of functioning (intellectual capacity). The results of the intelligence testing are reviewed and interpreted by a Registered Psychologist.

Audience & Who We Serve

    Private Insurance or WSIB Recipients
This program is provided on a fee-for-service basis for individuals who are receiving support from private insurance companies or WSIB.

Participants are provided with

  • A comprehensive analysis of measured abilities, skills and interests

  • A listing of potential vocational alternatives based on the National Occupation Classification (NOC)

  • An understanding of employment potential based on current labour market statistics

Referral Process:

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Peel Career Assessment Services Inc.

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