Peel Career Assessment Services

Peel Career Assessment Services
Mississauga, Ontario

Work Assessment (Ontario Works)

PCAS Inc. provides individualized, work-oriented programs designed to assess an individual's best vocational option.


  • Progressively improve strength, endurance, level of productivity, and work capacity

  • Individualized vocational counselling

  • Upgraded computer and other marketable skills

  • Essential skills development

  • Preparation for competitive employment or supporting documentation for an Ontario Disability application

Audience & Who We Serve

    Ontario Works Recipients
This program is for individuals who are receiving support fromĀ Ontario Works.

Controlled Work Environments

  • Light industrial

  • Computer, Customer Service & Office Services


Participants are provided with

  • Current work experience

  • An opportunity to develop physical and emotional stamina to progress toward employment

  • Ways to overcome identified barriers to employment

  • An opportunity to develop competitive work habits, i.e. punctuality, attendance, response to supervision, getting along with peers/co-workers and an ability to problem solve and work independently

  • Increased self-esteem and independence

Referral Process:

All referrals must be initiated by your Caseworker. Please speak with your Caseworker if you are interested in participating in this program.